Lawrence “Doc” Nelson, 71 – McLean, VA

Doc now uses Rewire My Retirement’s daily system to reach all his goals and leave the legacy of his dreams. But don’t take my word for it. Check out Doc’s video:



You can change everything about your life right now if you just commit to the right daily practice…


Here’s the story of how my student, Dr. Lawrence Nelson (aka “Doc”), turned his life around.


Before Rewire My Retirement, he suffered from sleepless nights, a rocky marriage, and a philanthropic passion project that was in disarray. While Doc had the best of intentions and an established morning routine, leaving a meaningful legacy wasn’t panning out the way he intended.


Then, one day he stumbled upon one of my articles written about neuroplasticity as he was researching for his passion project. Shortly after that, he enrolled in Rewire My Retirement.


What happened next is so impressive…


Doc fully committed to the key daily practice taught in the 12-week course. Not only did his goals become crystal clear, but he took immediate action and was able to incrementally and consistently achieve his ideal lifestyle in a few short months, starting with his first micro-step.


As a result, today, Doc enjoys:

  • Work-life integration and lives more passionately whether on or off the job
  • A revitalized relationship with his wife (they went on a 19-day second honeymoon!)
  • A newly formed “moonshot team” dedicated to his passion project (improving the lives of POI patients)
  • Significant progress in his philanthropic effort (providing better access to healthcare and education)
  • More energy, grit and optimism
  • A better mood
  • Authentic friendships
  • A relaxed and fun lifestyle


Most importantly, he enjoys being “who he’s meant to be.”


If you want to adopt a very specific daily regimen that will fast-track your way to a more fulfilling and meaningful “retirement life” full of purpose and memories (something that you can take with you forever and ever), then schedule a 1-on-1 Breakthrough Session to see if it’s a good fit for you.


“Rewire My Retirement, to me, was a godsend. It helped me develop a different approach to how I start my day, which is now my resolution practice. It also validated the path I was on and helped me develop a more structured, organized, and effective approach to reaching my goals. 

I have completely changed my job to learning how to relax, have fun, and help other people do the same. I now practice work-life integration and my mood has improved a lot. The course gave me more grit to be optimistic and I’m developing the energy and the commitment to be who I’m meant to be, instead of who I was.” 


– Lawrence M. “Doc” Nelson, 71 – McLean, VA