What to Do in Retirement? 101 Things to Do When You Retire

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The 5 Rings of

  1. Growth
  2. Community
  3. Health
  4. Giving Back
  5. Finance

Sometimes it feels like there aren’t really 101 things to do when you retire.


You can finally enjoy doing the things you never had time to do before.


Except… what exactly should you be doing in retirement?


That’s the big question every retiree faces more often than not.


The truth is there’s no one-size-fits-all answer (naturally).


And sadly, most people get stuck in a combo of:

  • Doing only what they’re supposed to do
  • Not doing what they truly want to be doing
  • Allowing distractions to steal their time
  • Lacking clarity and motivation (so procrastination wins)


Don’t worry, though — we’re here for inspiration and guidance and categorized 101 things to do when you retire into our 5 Rings of Retirement categories


As you explore our list of 101 things to do when you retire, keep in mind it’s about honing in on what lights YOU up.


The 5 Rings of Retirement

A common misconception is that retirement means slowing down. This is truly an opportunity and time for personal growth.

Navigate through retirement with ease, purpose, and meaning by balancing your life across five core categories:

In our list of 101 things to do when you retire, which ones naturally energize you?


Follow that spark (it’s unique to you).


Chapter #1: Growth

101 Growth min


📕 Read about the 27 ways to boost your happiness and growth in retirement.


Learning and growth are an essential part of life at any stage. Whether it’s learning a new language, setting ambitious goals, or exploring and challenging yourself with new experiences, it will do wonders for a fulfilling retirement.


Chapter #2: Community

101 Community min


📕  Read about the 22 ways to strengthen your ties with the community and improve your social life in retirement.


Social interaction is so crucial for your health and well-being. Being around other people and being involved in your community not only prevents loneliness, but also helps boost your overall happiness and life satisfaction.

Chapter #3: Health

101 Health min


📕  Read about the 22 ways to improve your health in retirement.


As you age, it’s increasingly important to be proactive about your health and wellness. As they say, health is wealth.


There are many ways to make sure you’re doing what’s best for your body such as eating well and exercising regularly, but try to approach it holistically and incorporate healthy habits into all other core areas. Your invisible health, i.e. your cognitive, emotional, and mental health, play an equally significant role.

Chapter #4: Giving Back

101 Giving back min


📕  Read about the 16 ways to give back to your community.


How can your skills and passions benefit others? Derive a sense of fulfillment and purpose by making a difference in the world around you.


No matter how small or large of an impact you make, when you help others and share your unique gifts with the world, both you and the world are better off. (Hint: think beyond the traditional volunteer opportunities.)

Chapter #5: Finance

senior man and woman financial planning in retirement


📕  Read about the 14 ways to improve your finances in retirement.


While the financial aspect of retirement is one of the most daunting aspects for many people, the good news is it’s never too late to make changes that will impact your financial stability in retirement.


More importantly, making sure your finances can support your passions, dreams, and most meaningful goals support the belief “there’s more to life than just money.” After all, it’s about achieving purpose and life satisfaction, right?


Be Mindful of What Comes From the Inside

If you’re feeling rudderless in retirement, you’re not alone.


So many people (too many, rather) enter this phase without a solid plan or structure in place.


What’s more, they look to external places to figure out what to do in retirement (i.e. a friend’s or family member’s suggestion, a traditional volunteer idea, what they think they’re supposed to do)…


The glaring problem?


This doesn’t lead to happiness, let alone purpose. And typically, distractions and procrastination take center stage.


We help people everyday transition into fulfilling retirement lives that they love – full of passion and purpose.


Of course, it doesn’t always start that way.


So, what’s the common denominator that helps people go from unmotivated and stuck in a rut to accomplished and full of purpose?


Answer: Structuring days and activities around what lights you up.


As in, the things that truly light you up from the inside.


That’s who you are at the core.


The point isn’t as much about how you’ll accomplish everything on our list of 101 things to do when you retire, as much as it’s about recognizing all the wondrous pieces of your BEST SELF that are begging to surface.


I repeat: Your passions and purpose are yearning to get out.


Your passions will lead you to clarity, which will lead you to your purpose, which will lead you to fulfillment, which will lead you to better life quality overall…


You get the gist – it’s a momentum that spirals only upwards.


All it takes is a bit of clarity. 


If you want help with this hugely foundational piece of finding clarity, we’re here to help. Just schedule a Free Breakthrough Session with Cyn, where she’ll share some powerful tips on how to reach all your personal retirement goals.