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yoga for older adults

Yoga for Older Adults: 5 Tips and Tools to Boost Your Practice

    As we grow older, yoga becomes even more essential to our overall health and well-being.   Especially when it comes to reducing the risk of age-related disability and chronic disease.    According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, the benefits of yoga range from improved balance, flexibility, strength, heart health and sleep to relief from […]

happiness in senior years

5 Keys to Happiness in Senior Years

    According to a study reported by BBC, people between the ages of 65-79 are the happiest.   Let’s dissect happiness a bit more, and break it down into categories of money, looks, and life overall.    Another study found that:   Financially – people are the least happy between ages 45-54, and the […]

traveling during pandemic

What Seniors Need to Know About Traveling During the Pandemic

    Traveling can be stressful even in the best of times.    But, obviously, because of the pandemic, simply dealing with the normal stresses of traveling would be a welcome change to the stress of COVID-19.    Especially if your travel-starved.   With so many people having been stuck at home for most of […]

late bloomers running

10 Inspiring Late Bloomers That Prove It’s Never Too Late

  Do you ever find yourself wondering… what’s next?   As in, what’s your next big move? Or big project? Or legacy?     If you’re pondering ways to make your golden years more fulfilling and purposeful, this article is about not selling yourself short.    Not only is it a total myth about aging […]

passion vs purpose

Passion vs. Purpose – What’s the Difference and Why Does It Matter?

  Most people see passion and purpose like two peas in a pod.    So much so that they’re often referred to interchangeably.    But I’m gonna argue that passion and purpose are more like PB&J.    They’re individually so different from one another (not to mention, powerfully tasty on their own), yet combining the […]

growth mindset

How and Why to Develop a Growth Mindset (As an Older Adult)

    If you’re familiar with my content, you may have come across my broken record message about neuroplasticity:   You can create new neural pathways in your brain until the day you die.   And just like any other muscle in your body, when it comes to your brain, you use it or lose […]

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