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7 Steps to Finding the Right Volunteer Opportunity

  Why is finding the right volunteer opportunity important? Finding the right volunteer opportunity is hugely important.   The reason being, giving back is such a core part of your well-being and sense of purpose…   And oftentimes it isn’t until we’re faced with an open-ended transition period (or pandemic) that you’re pushed to reflect […]

A 9-Step Guide to Increase Your Neuroplasticity and Growth Experiences

  I’ve got good news for you today: You can create new neural pathways until the day you die.   Neuroplasticity, as they call it, is something you can increase for the rest of your life.       That’s right. So, if you’re a senior, older adult, baby boomer, retiree, or just plain person who’s […]

The Importance of Social Interaction for Seniors

  The importance of social interaction, for older adults especially, is massive.   But before diving into the benefits of social interaction for seniors, let’s quickly look at a few detrimental outcomes that result from not being social.   Look at these terrible consequences that can result from being socially isolated:   Loneliness – the […]

6 Reasons Why Your Morning Routine is Everything

There’s so much proof behind why your morning routine is so important.   As I researched this topic, I found most of the info out there about the impact of morning routines to be targeted toward business-minded people who are working towards peak career success.   That’s great and all, but what about older adults […]

19 Tips for an Amazing Life After Retirement

  Life after retirement doesn’t always end up looking like what you imagined.   You’ve been trained to imagine a “leisure-only” retired life There’s all this hype about crossing the finish line and immediately settling into an epic retirement life full of zest, money, happiness, romance and adventure.   Our society has convinced us that […]

normal aging vs dementia

Normal Aging vs Dementia: Signs and How to Tell the Difference

  When people express their fears around aging, usually, memory loss shows up at the top of the list.    Which makes sense, considering a significant 40% of people aged 65+ have age-associated memory impairment.    In the US, that translates to about 16 million people.    But, only about 1% of them will progress […]

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