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How to Protect Against Cognitive Decline

If you’re worried about losing your cognition as you age, there’s a sound reason for it.   It runs rampant…      According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in the US alone, the number of people who suffer from Alzheimer’s and related dementias is expected to double to an unsettling 417 million […]

Why Are Older People Considered Boring – Is It the Culture or Is It the Truth?

Old people are boring – truth or myth?   While you can split hairs and say “it depends on the individual,” it’s certainly a broadly accepted stereotype that old people lead boring lives.    Here’s why: Humans fall into a serious habit of doing the same thing repeatedly.   You could even say a part […]

5 Ways to Be Fulfilled in a 55+ Community

Contrary to what you might imagine, life in a 55+ community can be robust and exciting.    In fact, a Holleran Consulting survey of 57,900 respondents revealed that nearly 90% of senior living residents rated their overall satisfaction as good or excellent and 84.5% would recommend their senior living community to other people.   If […]

How Adventurous Can You Be After 60?

You’re sitting there, staring blankly ahead and thinking to yourself… Where do I go from here?     Your so-called retirement years can either be a true sense of the phrase “golden years” or, sadly, the stereotypical boring bust.   To steer you toward the more exciting (and healthy) path, I’ve laid out four simple […]

Why You Need to Start Micro-Stepping Today

You’re sitting there feeling a bit unmotivated by the sheer amount of nothing that’s getting done. And sure, there are a million things that you could do right now to work through your to-do list… But you’re just not feeling it right now. Why? It’s not that you don’t have dreams, wishes or goals.  It’s […]

Why you need to practice gratitude regularly – starting now

  What are you thankful for?   If the answer rolls right off your tongue, science tells us you could be in pretty decent shape on several levels.     As leading life and business guru Tony Robbins puts it: “Gratitude is the antidote to the things that mess us up. You can’t be angry […]

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