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How to Declutter Your Home With 3 Simple Methods

    If you look around your home, do you feel like a minimalist with a complete sense of zen?   If not, don’t worry – you’re definitely not alone.   Most people don’t have a home with compartments that look like they’re straight out of a Container Store magazine.      (Especially if you […]

3 Hacks for Completing Your Unfinished Projects

  Sure, we all have a chunky list of ambitious interests, projects and goals in our head that we want to complete.    But do your intentions for the day actually work out?   Or does the daily minutiae get in the way and keep you from finishing all that you set out to do? […]

man being creative by woodworking

How to Be Creative (In 5 Ways)

  There are several reasons why you need creativity in your life, especially as you age (five big reasons, in fact).   Even if you don’t consider yourself a creative person, the good news is: you are creative.      That’s right. We’re all creative and your individual creativity needs to be unleashed and set […]

Why You Need Creativity (Especially as You Age)

  You’re sitting there ruminating on what brings you the most joy in life.    After all, you’ve had the extra time and space available (during social distancing, anyway) to reflect on such things.      Some questions that come to mind:   What’s my plan for the next couple decades? What should I be […]

woman working as a virtual volunteer

The power of virtual volunteering (plus 21 virtual volunteer sites)

  If you’re familiar with the 5 Rings of Retirement, one of the key ingredients for living an active, healthy and engaged lifestyle is “giving back.”       Which includes volunteerism and donating your talent and time to helping others.    Why is volunteering a worthwhile effort, especially in your retirement?   Plenty of […]

couple playing guitar

How does music affect memory (and how should you use it)?

  According to Beethoven:   “Music can change the world.”         If you’re a fan of Bob Marley, his thoughts are:   “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”       Whether you believe music can heal the world or wipe out your aches, there’s […]

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