"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." - C.S. Lewis

What's inside an exclusive membership?

Treat it like your dedicated personal office hours. You'll get to ask specific questions to help you get unstuck and better reach your personal goals.
By taking the first step in educating yourself, you will learn how to build a retirement lifestyle you love. Register for this Free Rewire My Retirement Workshop and discover the 3-step plan to your ideal active, healthy, engaged lifestyle.
You'll have access to daily support from our team and exclusive online community, to help you get unstuck and continue to propel forward.

In this membership, you will...

Finding clarity and focusing on your core values will help you let go of your life of duty and live life as your true self.
With the right guidance and tools in place, you'll be able to clearly define where you want to be and how to better reach your goals.
With interactive coaching by Cyn Meyer and community support at your side, you'll be held accountable for moving in the right direction.

What people say

I retired at age 71 after a busy and rewarding career as a filmmaker, professor, and author. I was casting about, feeling uncertain, and realizing that I was in unfamiliar terrain. Being retired was a new and unnerving experience. I wanted to fill my life with interesting and meaningful activities and projects that I would enjoy, but was struggling with the best way to do that.

By luck I came across Cyn Meyer’s program on how to age and retire successfully and decided to sign up. I’m very glad I did. Cyn is a gifted coach and an expert on everything to do with aging and retirement. I love her emphasis on growth, giving back, health, community, achieving goals, micro-steps, and living an engaged, active lifestyle. I highly recommend her program to any seniors who are interested in making sure their final decades are the best years of their lives, brimming with fun, engagement, love, companionship, caring, creativity, good health, and giving.

Chris Palmer

It was such a pleasure working with Cyn. I was looking to make some changes in my life and Cyn came along at the right time with the right tools I needed. I learned a lot about myself through her course and have been able to accomplish things I would never had tried before. Her one on one coaching sessions were most helpful to me. She was always there to remind me of the progress I made, even if it was baby steps. I now have the clarity I was lacking before on how to move forward as the best possible me that I can be.

Mary Zimmerman

I think Cyn may be an angel. For me, she created a safe space for me to do some self-analysis, dream and practice self-inspiration. Her gentle nature couples nicely with her subtle, thorough and sound coaching style. Cyn knew how to help me acknowledge the dam issues and then destroy the dam issues – thereby releasing a powerful flow of authority and inspiration within. Now the right actions can take place. Thank you Cyn!

Marcel Battle

I fancy myself a mentally healthy retired person with chronic illness and disabilities. Yet I know that to stay mentally healthy and live at peak physical capacity takes work – good habits aren’t easy. For that work to be worth it, I need coaching. I can’t think of everything. I’ve been delighted with Cyn’s coaching and Second Wind materials. She has helped me navigate some challenges and fine tune my spiritual center. Much appreciated.

Danny van Leeuwen

Cyn helped me gain so much clarity on exactly what I need to do to make subtle, lasting shifts in my daily habits. I immediately used the action steps we discussed and saw instant improvement in my mindset and productivity. She’s attuned and communicative, and I promptly felt like I could be open about my struggles. Her advice was exactly what I needed to make practical changes in my day-to-day routines. I truly got so much value from our session!

Carin Kilby

Cyn really knows how to ask the right questions about the ‘stuckness’ I’ve been feeling. I am good at making lists and creating a plan but it’s the execution that is SO difficult for me. Cyn really has helped get me into action to create results in the areas that I want to improve. I highly recommend her as a life coach.

Karen Heap

By focusing on these key focal points, our members push themselves to experience their best chapters yet.


Not only is physical health important, but maintaining brain elasticity is a big part of making the most of your health as you age. We focus on critical ways to stave off dementia and Alzheimer's.


Getting out of your comfort zone to experience new things will pay off in so many ways. Mental, physical and emotional stimulation is not only good for your overall well-being, but it will help with your brain health.


The best way to stave off loneliness is to be part of a community, to engage and to build meaningful relationships with a circle of influence that aligns with your values.


As we grow older, we have to seek out opportunities to contribute and give to others. True purpose is about recognizing your own gifts and using them to contribute to the world.


If you have the financial part of your life under control, and are budgeting comfortably, you can afford the lifestyle you want without the fear of outliving your money.

Who is this membership for?

Second Wind Movement is right for you if:


  • You’re looking for change and need the right tools to help you get there
  • You’re feeling unclear on what exactly you want and crave a clear direction
  • You’re afraid to retire or fearing the aging process
  • You’re at a loss on how exactly to fill your days
  • You want new adventures and life experiences
  • You hit a wall and have a life that’s completely different from what you had in mind
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed and tend to procrastinate
  • You want to set yourself up proactively for your best aging self


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